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There's No Need to Fear, Underdog is Here!

**Success is in the Eye of the Beholder** is the story I wrote on November 11, 2007 about the children's Disney movie  "Ratatouille". Basically, I stated, "The reason my husband and I continuously watch "children's" movies are because they are entertaining as well as they ALWAYS have a lesson to be learned".

On Christmas Day we had gone to Blockbuster to grab the movie "Underdog" to watch after we ate our late lunch with the family.

I have always believed in the Underdog and hold strong to the meaning behind the character. Underdog to me represented the good guy but not the most suave kind of person in the bunch. He is not the egotistical person but a down to earth person. Real as real can get. Definitely not one of the popular bunch but surely is a superhero in his own rights.

The theme song tells all and I surely see it in cyberspace as in real life:

When criminals in this world appear,
And break the laws that they should fear,
And frighten all who see or hear,
The cry goes up both far and near for
Underdog! Underdog! Underdog! Underdog!
Speed of lightning! Roar of thunder!
Fighting all who rob or plunder!
Underdog! Underdog! Underdog!

Though a lovable kind of guy he becomes the "superhero" and his famous line "There's no need to fear, Underdog is here" tells all.  That is what I remembered most as a kid watching the cartoon.....way back when.... <chuckle>

My journey with ActiveRain has been "The Long and Winding Road" of Blogging and throughout my time here I have learned many lessons. The most important one is that we have to give ourselves the pats on the back for our efforts in writing and to keep striving to do our best to write for our businesses. Don't rely on the features and the points to feed your ego because no matter what..... "Beauty is ONLY in the Eye of the Beholder" and just as in my post on Ratatouille ......**Success is in the Eye of the Beholder**.  

This platform may change constantly but just remember "There's no need to fear, Underdog is here". Underdog is inside of you and the greatest achievement you can have in life is conquering those false ego demons and giving yourself the gift of having a wonderful sense of self from the inside to out. You keep looking for it from outside of yourself you will not achieve the biggest accomplishment in your life. Loving yourself for who you are... and throwing away ...what you are not.

That is my gift to you for the year 2008 and beyond. Success lies within. ;)


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Celeste "Sally" Cheeseman  is a Realtor-Associate® and Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) with Century 21 Liberty Homes in Mililani, Hawaii. With a sharp understanding that a listening ear is the key to a client's needs  she serves the island of Oahu (Honolulu County) and all Hawaii Military Relocations, Hawaii Retirees, Hawaii Job Transfers and Hawaii Residents, Home Buyers and Sellers.


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