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OMG! My Daughter Went Skydiving! Mokuleia Hawaii



If you just want to HANG AROUND go to the Dillingham Air Field on the North Shore of Oahu and do the Skydiving thing.

Dillingham Airfield was fully utilized during World War II. Over the years it was an Army Air Field and an Air Force Air Field and finally closed but used for civil use in the 1970's. 

In a joint agreement with the military and the State of Hawaii it continued civil use and in the late 1990's until present there are the skydiving and sailplane rides. The gliders and many private aircraft are based here as well.

Now, back to the title. Yup, that's my daughter skydiving. Did she tell me she was going first? Nope. She's about 90 pounds so you gotta know that she NEEDED someone to hold on to her lol! Below is Kaena Point on the North Shore of Oahu and right before it is Dillingham Airfield. 

Any one of you who is a parent knows what it's like to worry about your kid. ....No matter how old they get...they're still your babies. At least I still feel like that.....especially when they're quite a ways up in the air...in the clouds and just 'hanging around' up there.

 So....enjoy the show.....Dori up in the clouds :)

Skydive Hawaii 8:30am to 3pm

68-760 Farrington Hwy
Dillingham Airfield
Mokuleia, Oahu

808 637- 9700 or use their online reservations.


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