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TOP TEN ATTRIBUTES of a Realtor® That Clients LOVE

The TOP TEN ATTRIBUTES of a Realtor® That Clients LOVE came to mind while thinking of the ‘aftermath' of our Hawaii Tsunami scare today.

I woke at 5:45am to a blaring cellular that only rings when family has a concern. Sure enough it was my daughter telling me to get up because the Tsunami was coming! Whaaa?  My first concern was to call my mom at work but my daughter said she already called her. My mom was happy as a clam being at work and at the country club during a crisis anyway.   Family First.

My next concern was to call my client and cancel the home inspection scheduled this morning. I gave him information about the area of his ‘soon to be home' and the reason for evacuation in low lying areas. Then I called the home inspector who was grateful for the call as he slept through the sirens!

In any case, and in no particular order (as I believe they are ALL important) the following are attributes that the client, the consumer and our peers love:

  • Honesty, Respect and Integrity:  This would hold true for any professional in any business and a consumer will see through the lines of one who does not ‘walk the talk'.  Giving straightforward advice and opinions shows that the professional is knowledgeable and that they hold themselves to a higher esteem. Being REAL is an attribute that are LOVED.
  • Documentation Station: Getting everything in writing, documenting conversations and knowing how to save your emails in one folder for each client so you can refer to will be a great asset. With many clients at a time you are only human and can only hold just so much in that memory bank of yours. When you can refer back to a question from a past conversation and can hear the praise by the tone of your client...or peer....you know it's an attribute that is LOVED.
  • Neutral and In Gear:  Regardless of Buying or Selling a Home it IS one of the most stressful situations in a person's life. It's a big financial move and it can make the difference between the consumer moving on ...or NOT.  Regardless if there's anxiety showing keeping our cool and remaining neutral and not buying into the emotion is one of the biggest attributes LOVED.
  • Knowing Real Estate Contract and Laws: Every Real Estate Contract and Local Real Estate Laws vary from state to state.  In Hawaii, we have many clients who are relocating here from another state. Regardless if they ‘know' how it was done in their state (buying and selling real estate) it does not hold true in other states. Being able to explain in detail the local laws and contract is certainly an attribute that the consumer LOVES.
  • LISTENS to Their NeedsWe would not be able to determine the best course of action for Hawaii Home Selling or Hawaii Home Buying if not for asking questions and really hearing their answers. Listening is key for communication and a successful business relationship. The consumer LOVES a give and take conversation. So do your peers.
  • Being Prompt and Considerate:  Being on time is a good habit of mine that my mother taught me well. I AM THERE for them physically when we have an appointment and I certainly am THERE if they have a concern by returning calls promptly. Great attributes that everyone LOVES.
  • Going Above and Beyond:  Just ‘getting' by with as little effort as possible will not win anyone over. It doesn't take but a few minutes to alleviate concern by printing out a pamphlet or two. Explaining everything in detail throughout the whole process and showing  a little care by doing something extra is certainly what any consumer LOVES
  • Team Player:   The consumer sees the Realtor® interact with all parties involved and keeping in touch of all aspects of the transaction. How? The Realtor® gives the client updates for loan progress, escrow updates, home inspection and contingency dates and so forth. Being a team player is what any consumer or peer LOVES because they know the job is going to get done.
  • Healthy Boundaries: I have always believed that in personal as well as business relationships that respect is given when you have healthy boundaries. Overstepping ones boundaries is not acceptable on either side and letting the other know is an attribute that is not only respected by the consumer but LOVED by both the consumer and Realtor®. We do not tell people what they want to hear but give sound advice.
  • Vibrant, Vim and VigorThe saying, " You have to love what you do" is going to show through your demeanor, attitude and behavior. This attribute will show immediately by the level of effort and dedication given to Real Estate and the consumer/client. I LOVE what I do ...and they surely LOVE that too!

Attributes go as far as the dedication to each and every one.

It's the quality of the attributes that this real estate professional is worth.




Celeste "Sally" Cheeseman  is a Realtor-Associate® and Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) with Century 21 Liberty Homes in Mililani, Hawaii. With a sharp understanding that a listening ear is the key to a client's needs  she serves the island of Oahu (Honolulu County) and all Hawaii Military Relocations, Hawaii Retirees, Hawaii Job Transfers and Hawaii Residents, Home Buyers and Sellers.


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